Our mission is to provide the best, most compliant revenue cycle solutions to the healthcare community.

Revenue Cycle Management

Pollux's Revenue Cycle Management services and processes were engineered to ensure that we have control of your practice’s key performance factors. To accomplish this, we implement the Pollux Performance Control System. As your processes change, we adjust our tailored control system accordingly. In the revenue cycle, every process matters. Our system establishes control of all of them, from charge capture to A/R and denial management. Each of your processes will be documented and measured to ensure we collect every dollar on your behalf. We will even take it to the next level, and contractually guarantee this performance. In addition to the Pollux Performance Control System, we offer all of the traditional revenue cycle features; credentialing, charge capture, claim submission, payment posting, refund processing, and secure practice messaging system. We believe the features below are what makes Pollux Systems different.

A/R Management

We believe Accounts Receivable Management is one of the key services that differentiates a Revenue Cycle Management companies from the next. Our approach is to implement processes to reduce denials on the front end, and streamline the resolution on the back end. Our resolution process is aggressive, highly detailed and effective in tracking denials, overseeing files and receiving a timely response. We have developed specific software tools and processes to effectively manage and reduce denials, thus improving your practice’s payment cycle and cash flow.

I.T. Expertise

Our in-house IT Programmers will develop the interface needed to import your billing data into our revenue cycle management software. We have experience with many practice management software and file types. We will also create the exact report sets needed for you to make those critical business decisions. We pride ourselves on customizes your reporting needs to align with the many nuances of your practice.


Our Coding team consists of AAPC certified coders with many years of experience. Our billing system utilizes coding edits to help reduce those front-end denials. We implement an in-house quality assurance program as well as third party audits. If applicable, we will handle all of your MIPS/MACRA reporting needs.


Medical Billing, OIG, and HIPAA compliance and regulations are extremely important, and we treat them as such. We have an in-house Compliance Officer that manages our adherence to all of the necessary guidelines for your revenue cycle management processes. We will provide feedback and training to our team members and your staff. We also conduct a third-party HIPAA/E-Security audit to make sure your Protected Health Information is safe.

Contract Variance

We provide an insurance contract variance solution to verify that your current reimbursement levels are accurate. Our enterprise-level revenue cycle management software is capable of measuring these variances instantly. Contract variance can increase revenue, but also proactively identify and avoid mass recoupment liability.

Log Reconciliation

We've developed a proprietary log reconciliation system that reports variances in comparisons (electronically or manually) between a patient log file of services performed to charges currently entered into our system. This process is to ensure that all service rendered are captured and timely charged.

Patient Pay Solutions

We want to make it as easy as possible for your patients to interpret their statement and to make payments. We submit customizable statements to patients within hours of patient liability being established. Our United States based customer service team serves as a seamless extension of your. We have several options for payment; credit card, ach, check, payment plan, online pay.


We understand that a change in billing solutions is a daunting task. There is a very small margin for error in the transition phase. So, we created an onboarding team, and a detailed project plan, to streamline the transition. Our shared goal is to smoothly transition you to our solution, while simultaneously keeping your cash flow stabilized.


Workflow Analysis

We provide a comprehensive Workflow Analysis to aid in establishing control of a practice’s internal billing processes. The same policies / procedures and control systems we use for our internal processes are applied to your practice.


We leverage our expertise from years of revenue cycle management to offer practice audits in several key performance areas. This includes Coding and Compliance, OIG (Office of Inspector General), HIPAA / Hi-Tech, CERT (Comprehensive Error Rate Testing), and RAC (Recovery Audit Contractor) services.


Managed Solution

We will assume all of your credentialing responsibilities and processes from day one. We have years of expertise in working with countless payors and specialties from across the country. We utilize cloud technology to eliminate the potential for stalled claims and provide full transparency into the status of applications.

Project Based

If you have a great credentialing team, but just need a little extra help, we offer a project based model. The fees are charged on a “per application” basis. We'll alleviate you of this burden from start to finish. We will tailor the services based on your practices needs. We know that credentialing has to be done, but most importantly, it has to be done right.

Lockbox Solutions


We provide a payment lockbox solution for all of your practices payments and remittance. We customize a workflow to ensure your money is deposited daily and all other types of mail are directed through your defined processes. We offer cloud based storage for your images, and can create a comprehensive reporting set as needed.

Patient Payments

Payments sent from your patients still remains a manual, “hard copy” process. We offer a solutions that converts these paper patient payments into an electronic remittance file that can be automatically posted to your practice management system. We are bank neutral, and even offer a cloud based storage software if you would like to house the electronic images.


Our facility is HIPAA Compliant. Third party audits are conducted annually, internal audits are conducted quarterly, and we hold continuous HIPAA Privacy and Security training for all employees.