Pollux Systems, Inc. and Chartswap

Pollux Systems, Inc. has partnered with Chartswap to simplify your record request process. Whether you are a records retrieval company, insurance company, law firm, or any other business that requests records with a signed patient HIPAA authorization, you can register for Chartswap as a Requester and:

  • Send requests electronically
  • Track requests progress online
  • Pay for records and download immediately
  • Save on scanning and postage costs


Do you need to register?


If you have already registered,


Pollux Systems, Inc. also offers these services to help simplify your business processes:


  Document Management Software and Services

Documents 2 Digital, LLC, a division of Pollux Technology Solutions, offers a full suite of document management software and solutions. We provide software, create process work flows, and customizable outsourced scanning services, at your office or at Pollux Systems.


Payment Lockbox Solution

Documents 2 Digital, LLC (A Division of Pollux Technology Solutions) offers payment lockbox solutions to all industries. Our customizable lockbox technology will alleviate the burden of depositing and posting payments.